Automated API testing – Curl, Postman & Python Requests (Virtual Classroom)

This course combines online self-study before the start of the training, with 2-day virtual classroom sessions planned on: 4 and 7 March 2022 -> Book now   Before the start of the first day of the live classroom, the prerequisite is that you have done the self-study part. You get access to these materials at least 14 days before the start of the course.  Not familiar with API’s yet? As a member of the you can subscribe to the free course; Basics of web API’s.   After establishing the theoretical API basics we start immediately hands-on and teach you how to interact with API’s through telnet, cURL and postman. Using the GUI of the popular and widely used postman, you will learn firsthand how to build and execute test scripts using Python using the requests library. As a modern tester, you need basic, automated Application Programming Interface (API) testing knowledge and practice as part of your testing toolset. WE HELP YOU UNDERSTAND

  • how modern API’s are built;
  • HTTP protocol;
  • access API’s using cURL and postman;
  • how to create test scripts using Python Requests.


  • using telnet, cURL & postman; 
  • setting up a framework based on Python Requests;
  • writing, executing scripts and verifying the results against a database using Python.

In our current interconnected world, systems are no longer monolithic. New Service-Oriented Application (SOA) architecture requires connection of pre-built sub-systems through microservices as part of solution building. YOU ARE

  • a tester with the ambition to start as a test automation engineer;
  • an IT professional wanting to start testing API’s.


  • of basic programming languages (Programming Structures, Object-Oriented Programming), Python is a plus; 
  • of basic SQL and databases;
  • of basic test terminology;
  • of basic software lifecycle.

Real-time & real-project examples combined with exercises, you will learn firsthand how to understand the concept and bring it into practice!


some guides to get you started:

Web Recap

API – WEB Recap

A short recap of how web APIs work

API Interactions

API Interactions – intro
API Interactions – command line tools
API Interactions – postman
API Interactions – client libraries

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Automated API testing – Curl, Postman & Python Requests (Virtual Classroom)