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Learn from experts out the field

All our trainers are active in the field of Software QA and share their practical experience in the classroom.

Training with a personal touch

In our online or f2f classroom courses, the trainer takes the time to answer your questions and even coach you 1-on-1.

ISTQB® Certification, anywhere

Follow the classroom training via livestream or go for self-study courses and take your ISTQB® exam in any place.

Prepare as best you can!

All course material is provided to you digitally 2 weeks before the start of the classroom training. So, you can prepare optimally.

Practical QA Tooling for the field

The tooling courses provide the theory in self-study. The online classroom is for practical work and exercises.

1-on-1 sessions with the experts

Stuck on an issue after a tooling course? No worries, we got you covered with 1 hour 1-on-1!

Training for your team

Benefit from a customised course to suit your team’s needs. Request your personalised offer.

Training for yourself

Check out all our courses and book your training online. As a member of you get access to free training.

Training for a team member

Are you not the one who will follow the training, you’re subscribing one of your team members? 

Whether you’re a  rookie or a seasoned professional, staying up to date with the evolutions and innovations in the field is what makes you stay on top. 

With the platform we created a unique online learning platform for continuous learning and development for everyone involved in Software Quality. You’re in the driver’s seat for learning along your entire career path.  

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